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How To Post Clearly

  1. Try and keep the thread on topic if replying to a post
  2. Please be mindful of other peoples feelings .... be honest, but not hurtful
  3. Please do not judge others. just because you don't agree it doesn't mean the other person is wrong
  4. Agree to disagree if you're not happy with what someone posts
  5. Be mindful of how you offer someone support. try not to frighten other people if they are needing support, and if someone has asked for support, please do not turn the thread around to turn the attention onto yourself. If you yourself need or want support please start another thread
  6. Try not to patronise other people by the language you use
  7. Also, please remember if you receive a PM from another member, keep it to yourself, unless you believe the person is likely to harm either themselves or others, in which case please use the report function
  8. Above all, enjoy the forum! :grin:

We will add to this text from time to time.

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