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What about driving with FM

Medication, Illness and Driving

Fibromyalgia and it's related illnesses, along with the side effects of any medication you may be on may affect your ability to drive.

You should always read any leaflets which come with your medication to see how it may affect you.

If you think your ability to drive may be affected, if you find yourself losing concentration, if your physical abilities are impaired or your reflexes slowed then you should first go to your GP for advice.  “The medical standards of fitness to drive are available to all medical practitioners and if your doctor, in accordance with these standards, has advised you that you should not drive you may wish to surrender your licence, and reapply for its restoration at a later date.

It may be a good idea to ask your GP if he would have any concerns about your fitness to drive at your next appointment and that puts your mind at ease.

You should then inform the DVLA: see here

If you already have a driving licence and need to tell the DVLA of a medical condition or disability, you must tell them right away and not wait until your licence is due for renewal.

The following are FM related conditions for which you can download questionnaires from the DVLA site here: see here

  • Serious memory problems or episodes of confusion.
  • Fits or blackouts.
  • Severe and recurrent disabling giddiness.
  • Sleep disorders which cause excessive daytime or awake time sleepiness.
  • Any other condition which causes excessive daytime or awake time sleepiness.
  • Any visual condition which affects both eyes (not including short or long sight or colour blindness).
  • Dependence on or misuse of drugs in the past three years.

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