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What about driving with FM

What happens after you have told the DVLA.

The medical questionnaire that you fill out will enable you to give your consent for the DVLA medical advisor to request medical information from your doctor if necessary.
If possible a decision will be made on the information you provide, if not the medical advisor may:

  • Contact your GP or consultant.
  • Arrange for you to be examined by a locally appointed medical officer or local consultant or specialist.
  • Ask you to undergo a driving assessment, eyesight test or driving test.

In 88% of cases enquires will be completed within 15 working days. If further enquires need to be made then 85% of these cases will be decided on within 90 working days.

Decisions which can be made regarding your licence

  • You may be able to keep your license or be issued a new one if you are reapplying.
  • You may be issued a licence for a period of 1,2 or 3 years if the medical advisor feels a further review of your condition is necessary in the future.
  • You may be issued a licence which indicates that special controls need to be fitted to the vehicle you drive.
  • Your licence may be revoked or your application refused.

If your licence is revoked or refused you will be given a medical explanation of why the decision was made and, where possible, you will be advised of when you can reapply. You will also be sent notice of your right to appeal the decision to a Magistrates Court in England and Wales or a Sheriff Court in Scotland.

How to surrender your driving licence.

If you have been told by your GP not to drive you can surrender your licence to the DVLA which removes the need for them to make formal medical enquiries into your fitness to drive. You can download a “Declaration of voluntary surrender”
see here

If at a later date you wish to reapply for your licence medical enquiries will be made. However, while these enquiries are ongoing, the law provides cover to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Informing your insurers.

Any changes about which you have informed the DVLA should also be reported to your insurers. Your policy may be deemed invalid if you do not tell them of a change and you would not be covered in case of an accident.

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