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Coping with the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Whilst Working


Ideas worth discussing
To address concentration issues, employers may wish to consider:

  • allowing periodic rest periods
  • prioritising job assignments and providing more structure
  • providing written job instructions when possible
  • allowing flexible work hours and allowing a self-paced workload
  • reducing job stress
  • providing memory aids, such as schedulers or organisers
  • minimising distractions

To address depression and anxiety, employers may wish to consider:

  • reducing distractions in the work environment
  • providing to-do lists and written instructions
  • reminding the employee of important deadlines and meetings
  • allowing time off for counselling
  • providing clear expectations of responsibilities and consequences
  • providing sensitivity training to co-workers
  • allowing breaks to use stress management techniques
  • developing strategies to deal with work problems before they arise
  • allowing telephone calls during work hours to doctors and others for support
  • providing information on counselling and employee assistance programs

  To address fatigue and weakness, employers may wish to consider:

  • reducing or eliminating physical exertion and workplace stress
  • scheduling periodic rest breaks away from the workstation
  • allowing a flexible work schedule and flexible use of leave time
  • allowing the employee to work from home
  • implementing ergonomic workstation design

To address migraine headaches, employers may wish to consider:

  • providing task lighting
  • eliminating fluorescent lighting
  • providing air purification devices
  • allowing flexible work hours and work from home
  • allowing periodic rest breaks

To address issues associated with sleep disorder, employers may wish to consider:

  • allowing flexible work hours and frequent breaks
  • allowing the employee to work from home

To address issues with Temperature Sensitivity, employers may wish to consider:

  • Modify work-site temperature and maintain the ventilation system
  • Modify dress code
  • Use fan/air-conditioner or heater at the workstation and redirect vents
  • Allow flexible scheduling and work from home during extremely hot or cold weather
  • Provide an office with separate temperature control


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