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Positive mindset against fibromyalgia

Following a recent post, FMA UK would like to highlight some thoughts which we feel will be of benefit to the community. Fibromyalgia impacts everyone in different ways – the severity can range from people who are bed bound to people who are able to live an active life, with some adaptations. People with fibromyalgia are young, old, underweight and overweight fit and unfit, male and female, newly diagnosed and had it for years, and some have relatively less severe pain and others have severe pain. 
Just as it can impact people differently, sufferers may also find that different things work for them i.e. exercising, certain medications etc. 
It is an extremely frustrating condition to live with, but because some people may share advice which works for them which doesn’t necessarily work for you, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. Many people pointed out a previous post that dismissing other’s struggles with the condition wasn’t helping support them and we would agree with this. 
Awareness levels are not anywhere near where we would like them to be, but they are increasing and we are trying new ways of making people aware. As a charity which focuses on supporting all of those with the condition, we believe in trying to keep morale high and aim to be positive in what we post – many of those with the condition seek positivity to try and brighten their day so we try and proactively keep a positive look on our social media. We also strive to be accurate and evidence based and our literature is based on the Information Standard process.
People have contacted us previously telling us that a support group or online forum was not for them as it was too negative. We need different support channels for different people as people need different things. But, it is never right to dismiss someones diagnosis because they can do more than you. We have newly diagnosed people contacting us doubting their own diagnosis because they do not fit with what others are saying about fibromyalgia online. These people need support and information that relates to them so they can help themselves.
It is tough. There is no denying that. Living with a chronic illness is a massive challenge – from having people doubting it to medical professionals who are dismissive – there are a lot of things which can frustrate and annoy those who are suffering from pain. But as a community, sticking together and supporting and encouraging each other is the right way to increase awareness of fibromyalgia. We hope that we can be a positive movement for those living with fibromyalgia and want to emphasise that we are all here to support one another in their fight against the condition. 
#TogetherAgainstFibro #WeAreNotAllTheSameButWeAllHaveFibro

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