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Fibro Article in NHS Choices email Newsletter

nhschoicesNHS Choices have recently sent out an email newsletter that features an article on Fibromyalgia. Thanks to Jean Crossley and June Chivers for making us aware of this. Jean says this about the newsletter:

"I think that this is an excellent piece of information to share with your members who you contact electronically as it can be used by people with fibromyalgia as proof that fibromyalgia does exist and is not something they are imagining. The important message from this is that the information is provided in a newsletter produced by the NHS - and one can ask the non believers - why would the NHS be circulating information about something which I am imagining? How would the NHS know exactly what I and another 2-4% of the population are imagining?

To view the information click on Fibromyalgia in NHS Choices Newsletter.

I would suggest that people who experience difficulties with their medical professional management team may like to print out the information, making sure that they include the NHS Choices name and logo and take it with them when they next make a visit to their GP and ask him /her to explain why this information is posted on a NHS website if he / she says they are imagining it?

You may also like to consider signing up to receive the newsletter and suggesting to others with fibromyalgia that they may wish to consider doing so themselves."

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