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Normanton Gala - Castleford and District Group

Group photo On Saturday 13 September , we had a great day, it started far too early but the sun shone it was lovely and warm so I dare not complain.  The kids were all up for the 5 mile walk, me and Lucie, not so up for it, but we couldn't let the kids down (Or let em show us adults up) could we. 

The Fibromyalgia Gang led the parade, We were the 1st float behind the Mayors beautiful white Limo and we were very YELLOW and we were covered in black spots (don't they flush fish down the loo for black spot).  Oh and is that Yvonne in yet another silly outfit - of course it is.........

The streets were lined with people from Altofts and Normanton and the kids set off with big smiles and swingin their beggin buckets, they had a ball. two to a bucket for the smaller ones, Keiren and Amy and Cameron and Sophie,  Chloe had to carry the float number so the Judges knew who we were.   

As you can see I got put out of the wheelchair on several occasions, (I was hugging the mayor's driver) when Keiren pinched my seat.  We set off from Altofts at 11.30am, people lined the streets all the way, and we marched to the band music all the way. When I say we I obviously mean they marched, but I did move my feet to the beat on the foot plate though. We arrived back at the Park on Castleford Road, Normanton, where the gala was being held at about 1 pm.  The kids little legs were about to drop off but the smiles were still on their faces (that could have been the smell of burgers and hot dogs and the promise of a lolly if they were good).

At the Gala we had an Awareness stall, manned by Yvonne and a tombola stall, manned by our treasurer Mary Hepworth and Campbell Hogarth (who came all the way from the Borders in Scotland just to help on the stall) prizes were on ticket numbers ending with a 0 or 5 and we had over 200 prizes.  Things went really well, I hugged the Mayors driver a few more times and gave them all a book of FMA UK raffle tickets, he he he, will they never learn.  We started to pack up about 4pm

We collected approximately £160.00 for group funds and we will get a further £40 for 2nd best float, can't complain about 2nd, we have won it for last 4 years. We all had a wonderful day,  The kids already asking if we could do it again next year and me asking for the bottle of pills, please get me a water bottle, turn shower on, someone get me shoes off, put kettle on - OH JUST LEAVE ME TO DIE.  Sunday was a day of rest where my serfs and slaves waited on my every wish. OH Yes they did.  

Monday back to real life, down to the bank, I had counted the money wrong again, had too many 50p in the bag and not enough £1 coins in that bag an all my numbers on paying in slip didn't add up, so there you are all back to normal "No Brain - Lotsa Pain".  Fibro Rules................... 

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