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Raising Awareness at the BBC Audience Services in Belfast

Article from Fibromyalgia Focus. Subscribe here.

Both Michelle McGahan and I have fibromyalgia and as we heard there was going to be an International Awareness Day (through groups we joined on Facebook) we approached our Senior Management and asked if the day could be marked in some way in our office. We printed out posters and put them up in our staffroom and office, we also printed out about 100 or so information leaflets. That’s all we were intending to do, but management on the day gave us a raffle book and bought us champagne and wine to raffle off and we cleared with security to go round our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of our building. We brought our bucket and info leaflets to all floors and spoke to staff whilst there. We found it a really worthwhile experience as a lot of people were not aware of the condition and also there were people who knew someone who had it but weren’t aware of how they could help them.

Going around four floors was a feat on its own and we were ready for a nap by the end of it to be honest, but we held our raffle shortly after and announced our winners. We totalled up our monies only to find we had raised £265 and both Michelle and I felt very emotional we had achieved such an amazing result – both in highlighting the condition and raising the money. We’re now a force to be reckoned with!

By Rhonda McFarland

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