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Medical Pack

Adolescents and young people with fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia in adolescents has a different outlook. Young people have growth and development on their side. Graded exercise is very important as it is with adults. Adapting, but continuing with age-appropriate activity such as school and social life is essential. It prevents young people getting "knocked off" their growing up path and also serves as a buffer to low mood and frustration by giving opportunities for fun.


Chronic pain is a serious challenge for young people, but with support and playing a "smart game" the future can be very good. Juvenile fibromyalgia can be confused with other disorders, e.g. "growing pains", joint hypermobility or psychological problems. However, there is one study suggesting a strong association between joint hypermobility and fibromyalgia in schoolchildren, with more girls affected than boys.26

As with adults it is important to take a careful history and to acknowledge the child’s experience and description of pain. Reassuring parents who may be fearful that their child has a crippling degenerative disorder and explaining how the condition can be successfully managed is also useful.








Access this URL (http://www.fmauk.org/dmdocuments/Medical%20Pack.pdf)Medical Pack[Medical Pack for Download]1119 kB

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