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Welfare Benefits

Incapacity benefit
The major concern with this benefit is the “All Work” test.

The aim of this questionnaire is to discover whether you are fit to do ANY work at all, not just the job you were doing. To pass it you must score 15 points. The questions deal with how far you can walk, how long you can sit down or stand up, climbing stairs, picking up objects, bowel and bladder control and mental problems.

If you receive one of these forms, please do not panic but follow these steps:

  1. Go through the form carefully and make notes on all the areas you have problems with. Remember that if you say, for example, that you could walk 200 metres, this means for 5 consecutive days. Then ask yourself if this is actually the truth. If not make a note as to why not.
  2. Go to or contact your local CAB or Welfare Rights office and get help in filling in the form. This is essential.

It is also very helpful if your doctor supports you, because if you are turned down, particularly for Incapacity Benefit, their support whilst you go to review or appeal will be important to you.
If you are already in the process with either of these benefits please firstly go to your local CAB or Welfare Rights for help. If you are then still having problems we will talk these through with you, but the Association cannot write letters to support your case, because each person is affected differently.

One of the most frequent comments we hear from people with fibromyalgia is, “The government does not recognise fibromyalgia.” This is not true. We have in writing that the government does recognise fibromyalgia and if you need this evidence please contact us. Fibromyalgia is also listed in a book that the Department for Works and Pensions doctors use for Incapacity Benefit and possibly for DLA.

The description is correct but in our opinion inadequate. It is often individual doctors’ lack of awareness of fibromyalgia that cause difficulties. A medical pack for professionals is available and will be posted directly to them on receipt of their details.

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