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Getting Away From The Pain.

me n snow 016

Gill Shutt a former moderator of the FMA UK forum has gone and had one of her tales published. Read below of her way of dealing with fibro.

Don’t get your hopes up it’s only a temporary fix and it probably only works for me. I have just had an e- book published by Greyhart Press. No that doesn’t really help the pain, but writing books and poetry does. While I write I get absorbed in the work and am a different person in a different world. I’m not a 53 year old fibro sufferer, I don’t have three children or even a husband most of the time. I can fly spaceships or even just fly, I can do magic or fight off marauders with my trusty sword or laser.

It’s not until my fingers start to complain that I’ve been holding the pen too long, or my children demand that I feed them NOW, that I come back to the real world... usually with a thump and a loud groan. I write by hand so I can lie in bed and write on my knee, or lounge on the sofa which also involves a knee.. and my knees aren’t always to happy about me coming back down to earth either.

It’s not just the fact that I can get away from the life that revolves around which part hurts the most and what I can’t do, it’s the fact that I can do something. I can write and now that my book, The Legends of Light, is actually published and I’ve got another three on the way, I can say it’s something I can do reasonably well. That gives me a sense of purpose, a feeling that I’m doing something productive. Okay so it’s not going to make me rich, unless I sell millions of them of course, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something to help my family. I’m not just dead weight holding people back and stopping people from doing things.

It’s so easy to get depressed when you suffer from something as debilitating as fibromyalgia, finding something to do, even if it’s just something small, can give you a feeling of worth and help lift you up out of the darkness. Bake a cake, make some cards, write a poem, or write a book. I read and I write and both get me away from me and my illness for a while. If you want a suggestion for something to read... I know this great book, strangely it was written by a fibromyalgia sufferer!

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