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Who cares? (A brief guide for Carers)

Family and friends can help a great deal in the management of FMS by learning as much as possible about the condition. Not only does the person diagnosed with FMS have frustrations, so do the people who are trying to understand the problems we face.

Discussing problems and working together can make such a difference to our lives and the lives of those who give us their love and care.

It can be difficult to keep cheerful when your life style changes and relationships can become strained. We all have stress at some time in our lives and it is often difficult to 'complain' when a member of the family is unwell. Have you got another family member or good friend you can talk to? It's good to talk.

It can also be difficult to remember that we are not just a collection of symptoms but whole people with dreams and ambitions like everybody else. We don't like having FMS but we have found that, by taking positive steps, people are learning to cope and manage the condition. Research is now taking place all over the world; the future is brighter and the only way is forward.

The goal is to live life in spite of FMS rather than having no life because of it. Take each day as it comes and make the most of it.

Latest research has identified a deficiency in Serotonin in the central nervous system and a resulting imbalance of Substance P. The effect is Disordered Sensory Processing.

With these advances comes the added hope that a cause may now be found and hence a cure or more effective treatment.

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