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Book Review - Breaking Through The Fibro Fog

Kevin white book cover Page 1Breaking Through The Fibro Fog: Fibromyalgia Is Real by Dr Kevin White

If you have ever been told by a doctor, friend, or family member that FM does not exist and that your symptoms are not real, then this is the book for you. It is one of the best books I have ever read on fibromyalgia, written by one of the most qualified doctors in the field.

Dr Kevin White, like most physicians, was sceptical when he first heard about FM during a lecture in California. It was only as he trained in rheumatology and came across thousands of patients with the same strange symptoms that he started to take it seriously.

Now he is one of the strongest advocates for FM and is well-known for his opinion paper, Fibromyalgia: The Answer Is Blowin’ in the Wind, published in the Journal of Rheumatology in 2004, in which he poked holes in every single one of the arguments he had heard raised against fibromyalgia. His new book is an expansion of this groundbreaking paper in which he systematically sets out to show, using scientific evidence and logic, that fibromyalgia is real.

The book is expertly written with superb examples and analogies to explain complex scientific points, making the text user friendly and fully accessible to anyone with no medical knowledge. He tackles all the arguments that critics throw at fibromyalgia and all his statements are well supported by scientific research. It brings together the wealth of knowledge we now have about FM and moulds it into a strong argument to legitimise what FM patients around the world have been saying for years. Fibromyalgia is real!

With this book on your shelf you will have the ammunition to defend yourself against any onslaught from any person who says FM does not exist. It will certainly be taking up a space on my bookshelf.

Breaking Through The Fibro Fog: Fibromyalgia Is Real by Dr Kevin White is available from FMA UK (go to Shop) priced at £25.


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