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Coping with the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Whilst Working


Tips for Employees - Coping with Anxiety

In the Workplace

Everyone feels stress in the workplace, but for those with anxiety disorders, this can interfere with their ability to do their job. The fear of not doing well, missing a deadline or getting fired can consume thoughts. For those with social anxiety, talking and interacting with co-workers can create enormous pressure.

Treatment can help people with anxiety cope with the daily stresses. There are also some strategies you can implement in the workplace to help manage your anxiety disorder:

  • Request a desk away from high-traffic or noisy areas. Having a quiet place to do your work can help you to accomplish more.
  • Using warm fluorescent lights can help, even if they are just over your desk.
  • When attending meetings, sit close to a door. If needed, you can make a quick exit without causing confusion or bringing attention to leaving the room.
  • Find a quiet place (ask about using a conference room) to take a few minutes for relaxation exercises and deep breathing techniques.
  • If possible, listen to relaxing music, such as classical or New Age music to increase relaxation. Use breaks and lunch hours to exercise, even if it is taking a walk.
  • Find someone you can talk with to relieve stress and cope with events that may be triggering anxiety.
  • Write down your goals so that you can focus on what you need to achieve rather than on things that may be going wrong.

In addition to the above tips, keep an "anxiety" log to help determine events and situations that may trigger intense feelings of anxiety or worry. This will allow you to work with a therapist to find specific strategies for coping with anxiety symptoms at work.

To address issues with moving around, employers may wish to consider:

  • Moving workstation close to other work areas, office equipment, and break rooms


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