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Press Releases

BBC responds to FMA UK

Panorama ResponseIn response to representations made by FMA UK, FibroAction and numerous fibromyalgia sufferers the BBC propose to add a comment to the programme and on BBC Iplayer as follows:

Two organisations representing sufferers of fibromyalgia syndrome have objected to how it was represented in Monday's programme, The Trauma Industry.

The film referred to it simply as a psychological condition, which is inaccurate. While some in the legal profession regard it as a controversial diagnosis - and it is listed under psychiatric disorders in the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, the NHS terms it a physical condition which causes pain to sufferers.

Fibroaction and FMA UK say the syndrome should be termed a neurological-related condition or a "condition, with an increasing body of evidence to show that it is a Central Nervous System related disorder".

The programme questioned whether sufferers of PTSD and other conditions that are difficult to test for should sue for compensation and included an example of a fraudulent claim by someone claiming to have fibromyalgia syndrome.

However, it was not the programme makers intention to imply that sufferers of any such condition are not genuine and apologise if any distress was caused to anyone in pain. "

FMA UK would like to thank Fibroaction and all those who contacted the BBC. The response can also be found on the BBC website here. The episode of the programme on Iplayer is currently unavailable due to this inaccuracy and should return when this has been addressed.

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